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 Do you want a transformative learning experience like Samantha and Usman? Why: You are tired of a traditional classroom. You want to work on solutions to social justice and environmental challenges. You want to learn how social enterprises solve real-world problems and learn collaboratively with change makers. If any of this is true for you, […]

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Poverty in Wayne County and India

Poverty is a global phenomena. There isn’t a single community that is not affected by the deprivation of capabilities. Income poverty affects 10% of the world population. It is mostly concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Individuals in these parts of the world live on $1.25 a day. Closer to Wooster, in Wayne county, 2014 data […]

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SE takes on a sustainability project for farmland preservation

by Maryanna Biggio This winter we had the pleasure and privilege of working with three College of Wooster students recruited by the Social Entrepreneurship program. They were mentored by Matt Mariola. Matt is associate professor of environmental science and a board member of Killbuck Watershed Land Trust. Erin Andrews-Sharer (senior Spanish major), Ruben Aguero (sophomore economics […]

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Local SE 2012

The Local SE Team from 2012 worked with three organizations this last fall: The Wilderness Center of Wilmot Ohio, Lifes Little Adventure Farm and Green Township Historical Society.  Each of these organizations presented a unique business challenge to the student teams. One of the challenges in our local community is diagnosing sensory disorder. Even more […]

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What is SE?

The program promotes social entrepreneurship and problem solving by connecting clients with real organizational problems and student teams to find meaningful solutions. SE is the process of creative thinking, innovation, risk-taking, and analysis that creates opportunities with sustainable social and economic value with sensitivity to unintended consequences.The program goals are simple: To expose students, faculty staff and client organizations to the process of social entrepreneurship through experiential learning, to encourage innovation and sustainability in the social sector and social enterprises.