SE Teaching and Advising Team


Faculty and Staff are recruited based on expertise and interest. They work together with students and a community partner on a community-defined project that results in a improvement in social service ecosystem or organization. Past and current faculty and staff that have participated are listed below.

Jennifer Bowen Associate Professor of Mathematics

Matthew Broda, Associate Professor of Education

Carolyn Ciriegio ’08, Assistant Director of Annual Giving and SE Alumna Class of 2006.

Susan Clayton, Whitmore-Williams Professor of Psychology

Theresa Ford, former Director of Educational Assessment

Amber Garcia, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Elys Law, Research and Information Services Librarian

Charles Laube, Associate Director of Admissions

William Macaulay, former Director of Writing

Matthew Mariola, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies.

Cezar Mesquita, Director of Admissions

*Amyaz Moledina, Co-Founder of Social Entrepreneurship and Associate Professor of Economics

*Anne Nurse, Associate Professor of Sociology

Russell Ormiston, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

John W. Sell, James R Wilson Professor of Economics. Former Director and co-founder of SE

Greg Shaya, Professor of History

Barbara Thelamour, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Lisa Verdon, former Director of Social Entrepreneurship, Assistant Professor of Business Economics

* Currently Active

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