This page links to a variety of multimedia resources related to the Social Entrepreneurship Program.

Pictures: Check out our photo album on Flickr.

Audio Recordings:
To listen to our recordings from the Global SE India trip, right click the link and select “Save Link As”/”Save Target As” or let the MP3 load in your browser.

  • Pre-Departure Interview (6/28/09)
    Unfortunately we were still learning how to use the recorder, so it’s a little quiet at times. Nonetheless, it turned out to be an great introduction to our personal perspectives of Global Social Entrepreneurship.
    File: interview1woo (6 mins 28 seconds)
    Read more introductory entries here and here.
  • First Impressions (7/2/09-7/3/09)
    A collection of sounds that greeted us in Bangalore.
    File: First Impressions (3 mins 30 seconds)
    Read the corresponding blog entry here.
  • Children at the Mithra School (7/2/09)
    A recording of “first generation learners” reciting nursery rhymes and the school prayer.
    File: Mithra Children (3 mins 23 seconds)
    Read the corresponding blog entry here.
  • Impromptu Car Interview (7/3/09)
    Some thoughts about our networking so far, accompanied by the traffic of Bangalore.
    File: MS Interview (3 mins 7 seconds)
  • Interview with Jairaj Daniel (7/5/09)
    File: Jairaj Interview (2 mins 1 second)
    Read the corresponding blog entry here.
  • Visit to Wooster Nagar (7/9/09)
    File: Wooster Nagar
    Read the corresponding blog entry here.

Thank you for coming along!

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