Social Entreprenuership is recruiting for its local program!


The Social Entrepreneurship Program at the College of Wooster believes that you can solve social problems like poverty, environmental degradation, minority access to education and others by being the agents of change.

Social Entrepreneurship is the process of creative thinking, innovation, risk-taking, and analysis that creates opportunities with sustainable social and economic value.

Our program offers you the unique opportunity to learn about social entrepreneurship by doing. You will develop and use tools for social change by consulting for nonprofits.

Information Meetings on April 5 12-1pm, and 6th 7-8pm in Lowry 118.

The program is divided into three sets of experiences:

  1. An entry-level Local SE seminar IDPT 407 that also offers local internships. This program will be offered Fall 2011. Apply now.
  2. A second-stage Award Winning Global SE seminar IDPT 406 that offers an international field experience. This program is typically offered in the spring. Application details for this experience will be forthcoming.
  3. Students that participate in any of these two experiences can also be recruited to stand-alone internships offered during the summer in North-East Ohio. Please contact the director of SE for more information about internships.

To apply for local SE complete the Application form online. In addition, send an unofficial transcript and resume to Lisa Verdon by 8 pm, Friday, April 15th, 2011. Both paper copies and electronic applications (sent in one email to lverdon (at) wooster (dot) edu) will be accepted. Your application is incomplete until you have filled out the online application and also submitted the supporting documents to Dr. Verdon.

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