Local SE 2019

Professor’s Nurse and Moledina led two local SE teams this year working with two community organizations: The Boys and Girls Club of Wooster and a new start-up called the Downtown Arts Theatre.

Local SE Team for 2019

Front row: Mahi Lal, Bijeta Lamichhane, and Tessa Ireton. Back Row: Blake Southerland, Zach Myers, Brooke Brown

For the Boys and Girls Club the students were asked to conduct a client survey and use it with other research to come up with a fee structure for their summer program. For Downtown Arts, the SE program was asked to research Art House Membership Programs from around the states. In addition to ethnographic research of Art House Cinema’s on the operational aspect of membership plans, the students came up with a tool that could help decide on the price of memberships. We are excited that both projects have been taken to the next phase. Downtown Arts recently incorporated as a 501c3 Organization and is working collaboratively with other arts organizations to create an Arts District in Wooster.

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